Siri Apple Watch to Indigo Home Automation

Here\’s a cool example of some of my software engineering experience and problem solving. I wanted to control my Christmas Tree lights with my Apple Watch and Siri. The problem was my home automation software didn\’t support HomeKit, yet. So I did some research and found a piece of software that allowed you to create virtual home automation devices.

My home automation platform and software is a Mac and Indigo Home Automation, the best home automation software on the Mac hands down. So at the time, Indigo didn\’t support my Siri commands through HomeKit. I was able to create a fairly simple script that would create a dynamic passthrough of home automation commands on Siri with home automation devices on Indigo. It would map the device and action so when you say, \”Turn on the Christmas Tree Lights\”, my script would receive the commands then ask Indigo using AppleScript to turn on the Christmas Tree Lights\’ device. AppleScript is Apple\’s plain english like programming language.

Below is a video demonstration and the open-source code to try it for yourself.

Open Source:

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