3D modeling and printing is just another way for me to be able to create. It\’s a growing field for me. Below are photos from a fun project I did back in 2018 for a grade school student looking to make a permanent version of their prototyped board game for a school project and completion. The prize was the chance to get your game made for real! The winners game would be considered in the creation, marketing and retail with a board game company. How fun?!

I was excited to help with the project. The student and her father already had the game created. It was made from Styrofoam and it was not easily cleanable as it required goo that would go on the board game and needed to be cleaned off and all the goo to be reused. The Styrofoam did not make that easy. So they found Consulting Joe on Google and called. I was able to get a bit more creative and product a foldable plastic donut, which was the game board. I also created different colored game pieces and a more professional looking game top that was secured with packing tape. This was still a prototype of a product and a grade schoolers project along with a limited budget. We were happy all around with results of the project.

If you have ideas about a prototype product or something you would like 3D printed, please contact Consulting Joe.

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