3D Modeling / 3D Printing / Full-Stack Software Engineer

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3D Modeling & Printing Services

Transform your concepts into reality with our 3D modeling and printing services. Whether you’re seeking a functional prototype to kickstart your invention or a custom 3D print from Thingiverse.com to enhance your home or delight your family, Joe’s got you covered.

Custom Business Apps

Looking to boost your business’s productivity? With today’s web applications, you can achieve unparalleled efficiency and accessibility. Reach out to Joe to explore optimizing your workflows through cutting-edge solutions. Leveraging AI and machine learning, I specialize in automating tasks to streamline your operations.

Need a barcode generator? I got you: http://consultingjoe.com/barcode-gen/
You can quickly create scannable and downloadable barcodes.

Custom Point-of-Sale Systems
ENV / Chip and Pin Credit Card Processing

Hello, I’m Joe and I’m a full-stack web developer and building automation engineer. I develop web applications using Node.js, PHP, mySQL, Socket.IO, HTML5 and more. I’m passionate about creating innovative, custom solutions. I am well versed in Mac, Windows and Linux. I have created and worked with embedded systems and micro-processors as well.

I create products for global companies; I create products and software solutions from the ground up. From schematic to printed circuit board to enclosure. From there I decide the brains of projects by using single board computers with touchscreens, custom web browsers, Wi-Fi and micro-controllers for precise timing. I also program custom web servers and custom front-end web interfaces with real-time server communication and intuitive user experiences.

An example of my Javascript code

Visit my portfolio to see some of my clients and custom solutions. Checkout some custom electronics work, software and LED projects. Some of my personal projects have even snowballed into customer products and solutions.

3D Printed Lithophane – Light shines from behind to reveal the photo
Generated with http://3dp.rocks/lithophane/

I’m also experienced with manufacturing techniques and have expanded by offering 3D CAD design and 3D Printing. I help people’s inventions ideas come to life and I produce real-life prototypes for product development.

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