Around 2012 I was contracted to create a custom E-Commerce system to allow for custom categorizing of cell phone, tablet and computer accessories and their associative devices. It was a success. It covered all the business needs to sell online. It was later evolved to also sell on other online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Bonanza.

\"\"The clients were so happy with what the system can manage as far as inventory, orders and users that they hired me full-time. I was then tasked to build a system for their storefront locations. The system I created showed updated inventory across the company (stores, warehouse and sold online inventory). I created a point-of-sale system to replace a system by B2B soft that focused on phone carriers and phone activations.


My POS system offers phone activations, bill payments, device repair orders and much more. It does sales, exchanges, returns, split tenders, price updates and store credits. My point of sale works with multiple store locations, users, and chip and pin credit card machines. I have experience with Virtual Merchant, Converge Pay API and the Ingenico is250 Touch.

By Joe

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