AlfaLEDs – Bluetooth Controlled RGB LEDs

Stand out and make a bold statement with your Alfa Romeo Giulia\’s front end by adding our Alfa Romeo RGB Grill LEDs with Bluetooth!

Upgrade your Alfa Romeo Giulia and make a dazzling impression with these Bluetooth RGB Grill LEDs designed for the ALFA ROMEO Grill \”V\”. Elevate your vehicle\’s style and stand out from the rest with vibrant and customizable LED lighting.

Price: $99 + $4.99 Shipping

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Key Features:

  • Eye-Catching LEDs: Transform your car\’s front end with 49 high-quality addressable RGB LED strips that shine brighter and feature a true white glow.
  • Easy Control: Use our iOS and Android apps to effortlessly control the LEDs via Bluetooth. Illuminate your ride in style with just a tap on your smartphone.
  • Impressive Light Modes: Choose from a variety of exciting light show modes to suit your mood, including Demo, Knight Rider, Alfa Knight Rider, and Fire.

Why Choose ALFA ROMEO RGB Grill LEDs:

Unleash your Alfa Romeo Giulia\’s unique charm with our ALFA ROMEO RGB Grill LEDs. Created to enhance your car\’s appearance, our LEDs are designed to captivate and impress. From the sleek default white mode to dynamic animations, our LEDs offer a stunning visual experience that complements your vehicle\’s elegance.

What\’s Included:

  • 49 SK6812 addressable RGB LED strips
  • Bluetooth Controller with 12vdc Adapter
  • iOS and Android apps for convenient control

Enhance Your Driving Experience:

Experience the joy of customization and individuality as you transform your Alfa Romeo Giulia with ALFA ROMEO RGB Grill LEDs. With a straightforward installation process and user-friendly app control, our LEDs offer a seamless way to make a bold statement on the road.

LED Modes:

  1. Knight Rider: Experience the iconic Knight Rider effect as the LEDs move back and forth, creating a dynamic and captivating lighting display that pays homage to a classic.
  2. Double Knight Rider (V): Take the Knight Rider mode to the next level with the exclusive Double Knight Rider mode. The LEDs form a distinctive \”V\” pattern in the grill, adding a unique touch to your vehicle\’s appearance.
  3. Demo Reel Patterns: Immerse yourself in an array of stunning animated patterns that come to life, showcasing the versatility of the LEDs and adding a playful element to your drive.
  4. Fire: Set the night ablaze with the Fire mode, where the LEDs simulate the flickering and dancing of flames. This mode adds an element of intensity and excitement to your vehicle\’s exterior.
  5. White: Enjoy the simple yet striking pure white mode, perfect for illuminating your car\’s front end with a clean and sophisticated glow.

Brightness Controls:

Adjust the intensity of your ALFA ROMEO RGB Grill LEDs to match any occasion. With a range of 0-100% brightness control, you can effortlessly set the mood and create the perfect ambiance that complements your style and surroundings.

Modes and Brightness are Stored and Resume on Your Next Drive

Order today and illuminate your journey with ALFA ROMEO RGB Grill LEDs!